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Blog and Vlog

As I work on my projects I like to share some of the insights I get while solutioning for the clients.

Sometimes I also like to record videos on those topics.
It depends on the day.

It is a collection of various techs and platforms around data. You will find Microsoft SQL Server, Synapse,
Power BI and Databricks  
among others.


We are better together. Sharing professional experiences and helping each other solve every-day issues proves this.

Besides volunteering as a Microsoft Certified Trainer Regional Lead for the US West Coast and Brasil, I am also a member of 3 local user groups in the bay area and multiple online communities and forums.



I've been invited to present at many SQL Server and Cloud Computing / Architecture events.

Check out were we can meet in person and chat about databases and Azure platform.



I started in the computing field back in 1975 while shopping at a retail store down in Niteroi RJ, my home town in Brasil. They had a Sinclair Z-80 compatible computer hooked to a black and white TV set. Somehow I manage to go through the curious crowd and got on a seat where I was handled a piece of paper with a BASIC code to type in. In a few minutes my name was on TV. 

That did it. I became a computer geek.

Today, with over 30 years in my professional career I am focused on Microsoft Technologies in multiple disciplines both on-premises and cloud based. Data platform, CosmosDB,
micro-services, IoT and infrastructure are among the cloud services I've specialized on. 



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